The best way to reduce the energy costs of a building is by making sure it is properly insulated. One of the ways to do that is by using Cavity Fill Pump Foam. This method of insulation is great for existing homes or buildings where there is either no insulation or not enough insulation.


Cavity fill pump foam provides an alternate solution to empty cavity insulation. It provides superior R-value at 4.6 R per inch and expands to ensure there are no voids in the cavities. Installation is performed by pumping foam through holes drilled in block, brick, or any other material where cavities are needed to be filled. Traditionally used for block buildings, cavity fill pump foam can also be installed in existing homes and buildings where no insulation currently exists. This provides a much more efficient and comfortable building.

Cavity fill pump foam is considered to be an alternate solution to empty cavity insulation. It can provide superior R value to the areas that it is used. One of the keys to the performance of this insulation is the ability to fill any voids that are present where many other insulation types cannot be used.

Cavity Fill Pump Foam has several different applications. It can be used for:

  • Block core fill
  • Inside the walls of existing homes
  • Open cavities or spaces

It can be used in both new construction and in existing structures depending on the areas needing addressed. The amount of time that it takes to install the insulation can be much less than other types of insulation. The foam is pumped into the empty cavities by drilling holes through the block, brick or any other material where the empty cavities or voids are present. There is no need to tear down the walls to access the empty space. This provides tremendous cost and time savings for many buildings.

Benefits of Cavity Fill Pump Foam

In order to understand why this method of insulation is one of the best for many applications, it is best to look at the benefits of the product:

  • Suitable for new and existing constructions
  • Able to easily fill hard-to-access voids in a wall space
  • The material forms to fit the area that it is filling – there is no need to worry about insulation being compressed and ineffective
  • Low installation Cost because it can be installed without removing walls – small holes can be drilled into the areas to insulate
  • Energy savings due to high R-value


Results of cavity fill pump foam insulation can be very dramatic. In addition to the cost savings that are a result of using less energy to heat or cool a building, the comfort in the building will also improve. There will be fewer hot or cold areas in a building that has been insulated with cavity fill pump foam. The difference will be noticed and appreciated by all occupants.