Cellulose insulation provides excellent thermal resistance at 3.8 R per inch and provides an excellent deterrent for air infiltration. Made of 80% recycled material and requiring no carcinogenic labels or other health warnings, cellulose is truly an environmentally friendly product with tremendous energy saving benefits.


WET SPRAY Wall System

  • Cellulose can be sprayed into open wall cavities following the electrical & plumbing rough-in process.
  • By using this method of installation, cellulose is densely packed around all boxes, wiring, and piping thus eliminating the voids & air pockets common with fiberglass insulation.
  • This absence of voids ensures optimal thermal performance and resistance to air infiltration.
  • The wall-spray system also ensures the insulation is densely packed into the cavities and will not settle over time.



  • Cellulose can be blown dry into attics and other open spaces to create a tremendous thermal and air barrier. It can be sprayed directly on top of existing insulation materials to create additional energy savings.
  • 3″ of cellulose insulation provides the same thermal performance as 9″ of blown fiberglass when installed in attics at 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Cellulose can also be installed in the walls and ceilings of existing homes.
  • This will significantly improve the performance of the home and also create a quieter environment for the homeowner.


Applegate Insulation provides superb energy savings along with a significant reduction in air infiltration, resulting in outstanding long-term value and return on investment. Applegate Cellulose Insulation is also made of up to 85% American recycled materials, making Applegate one of the greenest insulations.

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Cellulose insulation also provides an excellent answer to sound control. Densely packed cellulose provides superior performance to sound transmission when compared to fiberglass. Cellulose is a versatile product that can be installed using different methods depending on the application.





Metal Buildings

Sound Control